15 Best Revell Model Kits by Category (Aircraft, Cars, etc.)

Best Revell Model Kits

In this post, I’ll list several of the best Revell model kits that have been released through the years, and break down the top picks by subject/category.

While my picks are subjective and based on my own personal preferences, I hope you also find a Revell model kit that catches your eye!


  1. Best Revell Car Kits
  2. Best Revell Airplane Kits
  3. Best Revell Truck Kits
  4. Best Revell Ship Kits
  5. Best Revell Helicopter Kits

Best Revell Car Kits

Revell ‘32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2 and 1

Revell 32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2 and 1
  • Scale: 1/25 
  • Iconic and classic Ford car that was marketed/catered to the masses 
  • Detailed V8 Engine 
  • Vinyl tires, realistic tread 
  • Classic wheels

Revell 1957 Ford Sedan Gasser 2N1 Model Car Kit

  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill level: 5 
  • While this is a great looking model, it’s not recommended for beginners. Instead, it’s well suited for experienced modelers who don’t mind a challenge.

Revell 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 Car Model Kit

  • Scale: 1/25
  • One customer said they were surprised how well the parts fit together considering how much customization they did 
  • Great choice if you’re a Mustang fan 
  • The kit has 117 pieces, an extensive decal sheet, chrome metal exhaust tips, opening hood, and more.

Best Revell Airplane Kits

Revell/Monogram F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel Model Kit

  • Scale: 1/32
  • Skill level: 3
  • 328 pieces
  • Great value for the price 
  • Some customers mentioned that due to the relatively low cost of this model kit, they felt comfortable buying a few aftermarket accessories

Revell F/A-18E Super Hornet Aircraft Model

Revell F:A-18E Super Hornet Aircraft Model
  • Scale: 1/48
  • This model kit contains a detailed cockpit, ejector seat, control panels, and more.  
  • Some customers mentioned they had trouble with fitting some parts together

Revell F-102A Delta Dagger (U.S. Air Force)

  • Scale: 1/48
  • This is a reissue of an older Monogram kit 
  • One major plus is that the kit comes with a pilot figure and external wing tanks (among other things) 
  • Complex model kit, not meant for beginners

Best Revell Truck Kits

Revell Kenworth W900

Revell Kenworth W900 Model Kit
  • Scale: 1/25, high quality decals 
  • Great gift if you happen to know a truck driver!

Revell GMC Pickup Truck with Snow Plow Plastic Model Kit

Revell GMC Pickup Truck with Snow Plow
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Several customers mentioned that it was a relatively simple build and well detailed. This model is a unique, cool addition to anyone’s collection!

Revell 1976 Chevy Sport Stepside Pickup Truck (4x4)

  • Scale: 1/24
  • Skill level: 4 (intermediate/experienced modelers) 
  • 102 pieces 
  • V8 Engine detail

Best Revell Model Ship Kits

Revell U-Boat XXI Type with Interior

Revell U-Boat XXI Type
  • Scale: 1/144
  • Designed during WWII (see more historical info)
  • Very challenging, good choice for modelers who want to feel a great sense of accomplishment after spending lots of time and effort on a kit

Revell of Germany Viking Ship

Revell of Germany Viking Ship
  • Revell 1/50 Scale 
  • This model kit contains a detailed wood grain hull, steering oar, 32 paddles, 64 shields, waterslide decals, display stand, and more! 

Revell HMCS Snowberry Model Building Kit

Revell HMCS Snowberry Model Kit
  • Scale: 1/144
  • Skill level: 5
  • 501 pieces 
  • Incredibly detailed kit, not meant for beginners

Best Revell Helicopter Kits

Revell/Monogram MiL-24 Hind Helicopter

Revell:Monogram MiL-24 Hind Helicopter
  • Scale: 1/48 
  • 150 parts
  • Intermediate/experienced skill level
  • A few customers recommended that you test fit everything before getting to the painting part

Revell Ah64 Apache Helicopter Scale Model

Revell Ah64 Apache Helicopter
  • Scale: 1/48
  • 134 parts 
  • One major plus is that the kit comes with 2 seated pilot figures, along with a detailed interior cockpit 
  • If you’re looking for an easy helicopter model kit to assemble, then this is the right choice for you. Straightforward instructions and great value for the price.

Revell Germany Westland Lynx Has.3 Model Kit

Revell Germany Westland Lynx
  • Scale: 1/32 
  • Not much flash (if any), beautiful molding


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